Divorce Service In Pomona CA Pomona Divorce Service

Divorce Service In Pomona CA Pomona Divorce Service

Today, I want to talk to the folks in Pomona California about our Pomona Divorce Service. We’re a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm specializing only in Divorce in California.

In fact, we handle all of California not just Pomona but this video is just for you folks in Pomona.

I want to let you know a little bit about what we can do and how we can save you some money and get you through your Divorce case as amicably as possible.

So again, we’re a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm specializing in Divorce. We take care of preparing all the Divorce documents, taking those down the court and getting them filed.

We take care of the service. We’ll take care of doing all the process and procedure the court requires.

So we’re talking about financial disclosure, schedule of assets and debts, incoming expense declaration. All the disclosures we’ll take care of.

And then it’s just a matter of putting together your agreements. We’re talking about who’s going to get what property, the distribution of assets and debts.

If you have children, we’re talking about child custody, child visitation and child support, if there’s going to be spousal support or alimony, we have all the software that the courts and attorneys have to help you come to those determinations.

So we’ll put together all your agreements at the end. In fact Divorce can be quite simple.

What I tell folks is that the people involved are the ones that make it complicated. So if you’re looking to ge t through an Amicable Divorce here in California here in Pomona as well, we’ll be happy to help you.

We’ll work directly with Pomona Court. No office visit is necessary with our office again because we have clients all throughout California.

We do all of what we do right over the phone or via email. And we’ll work directly with the Pomona Court House.

And keep in mind we are a neutral third party. We do work with both spouses, so, the fees on our website include working with both spouses plus we can save you money when going through Divorce in Pomona.

We have a special way. We can get you through on what’s called a Hybrid Divorce and save you some money on your court fees as well.

So please give me a call so we can discuss more about our Divorce service in Pomona, California. Again, I’ll be happy to provide you a free consultation and talk about your specific needs.

661-281-0266 or go to Divorce661.com. Thank you.