Divorce661 Review – California Divorce Completed In 3 Days

Divorce661 Review – California Divorce Completed In 3 Days

Today, I wanted to talk about a nice review that we received from one of our clients and just talk about some of the issues she had once she came to us for help.

So this person had been trying to get through their Divorce for three years. She had no attorney.

She tried to do things herself. And after three years her paperwork was still getting rejected by the court.

Had multiple problems and by all investigation it appeared she had done many things correctly.

In this case she came to ask for assistance and she said, ‘Tim I’ve just had it. I need to get this done before the end of the year.’

And I had her send us all her paperwork. She mailed out everything to us.

I went through her entire case and did a judgment review, looked everything, fix every little error, every little thing that was wrong with it.

We cleaned it up, fix it. We got new signatures, prepared an entire new judgment.

Submitted her case three days later and she just contacted us yesterday because the courts notify the parties by mail when their judgments entered and she was so excited that her case was finally done.

We wrapped her case up in three days on our end and it took less than three weeks for the court to review it and approved it.

And I just took a little bit of going through the case and making sure everything was good to go.

And communicating with the court clerk who had rejected the case multiple times and noting their error and their misunderstanding of what was wrong of the paperwork and clarifying for them.

And that’s what made this go through. So I guess the point of story is that we’ve very glad that we’re able to help our clients.

And this is not just a one time thing. We help clients like this everyday.

But it’s important to use a professional service to get your case completed right the first time.

Give me a call. I’ll be happy to help you with your Divorce case anywhere in California.

Direct number is 661-281-0266 or you can go to Divorce661.com for more information.