Do I Need California Divorce Form FL-345 Even If No Property To Divide?

Hi, Tim Blankenship here at In this video we’re talking about the Property Order Form, the attachment to the judgment, and this is form number FL 345.

I did a video where I talked about, when people turn in their judgment, I’ve seen people just filing the FL 180 that says judgment and not adding any of the attachments, particularly around the issue of property. They say well, Tim, we did this because there’s no property.

Of course, I’m talking about clients who tried to do their own divorce, they didn’t work with us and they ran into trouble turning in their judgment and later needed to hire us, but this is the issue we’re seeing. What you need to do, even if no property, you have the FL 180 cover sheet, the judgment form. You still need to attach an FL 345 to state that there’s no property. There is a section for Community Assets and Debts on page 1.

You just mark the box that says no community assets or debts to be divided by the court. There would be 2 boxes for that, one for the assets, one for the debts. And then page 2 has the separate property. You just go to the separate property section and you put none in both boxes for Petitioner and Respondent.

So you still need the Property Order FL 345 if there is no property because that is the actual order to the face sheet of the FL 180. The FL 180 isn’t your judgment paperwork, it’s not the court order, it’s just the face sheet. Therefore, you need that FL 345 to state there’s no property. If there is property, of course, you’re going to list the property on that form.

Tim Blankenship, Hope you’re having a great day.

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