Don’t Start Your Divorce On Your Own | Santa Clarita Divorce

As a self help divorce service in Santa Clarita, we are big proponents of doing your own divorce.  But we don’t recommend you actually do it yourself. Rather we suggest you use a divorce preparation service such as ours.

What we mean by saying we are proponents of doing your own divorce , we mean that you don’t need to hire an attorney to complete your divorce.  You can use our divorce service and because we don’t represent you, you are considered to be doing your own divorce.

We want to make a recommendation.  We suggest that you don’t attempt to do your own divorce without assistance.  We have found that many people start the divorce process, but are never able to finish it.

They are told that it is easy and they can do it themselves.  While this is technically true, it is a rare occasion when someone actually navigates the divorce process successfully on their own.

For those that do attempt to start their divorce, we find that when they come to us for help, it is much more work for us to fix the mistakes you have made on the paperwork than had we just prepared the entire divorce package.

We have clients who call us and want to know how much it would cost to finish their divorce and that they “have already completed most of the paperwork”.  Well, we have learned that the more paperwork “that has been completed” the more work it will actually be for us.

We have never had a client come to us, who had prepared some of the paperwork, where we did not have to fix something.

So what we do in these cases where someone has prepared some of their documents is to complete a case review.  We will look at everything you have done so far and make any corrections and amend the forms as necessary.

So don’t start your own divorce.  Because even if you come to us after doing some of the forms, we are likely going to have to spend more time fixing them.