Don’t Waste Your Time Filing Your Own Divorce | Santa Clarita Divorce | Los Angeles Divorce

Don’t Waste Your Time Filing Your Own Divorce | Santa Clarita Divorce | Los Angeles Divorce

Hi, Tim Blankenship with we are licensed and bonded legal document preparation company specializing in California divorce.

And today I wanted to talk to you about doing your divorce yourself.

You know we’ve done over a hundred videos (now over 300 videos), self- help videos helping people figure out their divorce, if you’re inclined to do it on your own.

As I tell people on the phone, they call. If you have more time than money, you may want to consider doing your divorce yourself.

Other than that, I’m going to tell you, don’t waste your time doing this yourself. If you’re on the fence, and you know, should I do my own divorce? It looks like I can do the paperwork. Don’t get sucked into that. You’re not a professional at this. Whatever business you’re in, I’m sure you’re very good at. And we’re very good at what we do. So let the professionals to this.

You’re talking about court forms; and the divorce process; and separation of assets and debts; and yes you may be saying. “Well Tim, I have an easy case, there’s no children, no property”; and I’ll tell you, people tell me that it’s not as easy, and as seamless as you think, it’s not as simple a divorce as you think, even when you have very little assets; or no assets; or no children, and even a short-term marriage, the divorce forms are complicated, serving your judgment is complicated.

So I’m just going to say, if you’re on the fence, or you have a job, or you don’t have the time, don’t mess with doing the divorce yourself, don’t waste your time. We have people that have attempted for several years to do their own divorce.

They filed, four, five years ago, they started the process, they had issues with the court and they just stopped. We don’t want that to happen to you. Let the professionals do it, give us a call, anywhere in California, we can take care of that for you.

Give me a call 661-281-0266. Go to our website for more information. And we’re looking forward to helping you.