How To Download IRS Tax Returns Online

How To Download IRS Tax Returns Online

Today we’re talking about how you can now get your IRS Tax Returns online and that may be important if you’re going through divorce in California at least.

Recently they have instituted the need to exchange tax returns. That’s one reason if you don’t have them or you don’t have copies or you’ve lost them. You can now get copies of them online and I’m going to share with you the IRS link to do that.

Another reason you may need your tax return and we came across this recently, is if you’re trying to get spousal support and you can’t prove the other parties income and maybe you don’t have the copies of your tax return and you need to see what’s their incoming was the prior year to help with determining spousal support.

You’d want to get a copy of your tax returns. In the past you had to ask to get your transcripts by mail and there is an application and it took five to ten days, I’m just looking at the IRS site now.

But now you can get your transcripts, your IRS tax returns online instantaneously after answering a series of security questions.

The IRS link is,, and that’s the direct link to IRS site to get your transcript online. I just want to share that with folks.

I had a client trying to get their transcripts recently, their tax returns recently because they’re going to court and the judge wasn’t going to order spousal support without there being any evidence of income and because they have been separated for such a long time.

She didn’t have any evidence of pay stubs or things at that nature and so the only way to do that is to get the tax returns but you might say why you just don’t go the tax prepare or if you use an online, why you just don’t print a copy.

Well, this was a case where they used a physical tax-preparer and that tax-preparer happened to be a relative of the spouse who was not turning over the documents intentionally.

Don’t suppose that would happen in too many scenarios but I did want to share this link in case you are trying to get copies of your tax returns and you need them quickly and you now can get them online so I hope to give you that link was helpful.

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