Feeling Better & Sleeping Better : Day 5

I have to say that just 5 days in I am feeling much better and sleeping much better.  Today I was a little run down, a little tired.  There was no personal training today, but my wife and I did go to the gym and did your heavy lifting day with the weights.

Tomorrow is the cardio day.  James O’Rourke does his training with weights on Monday and Friday and Wednesday and Saturday are reserved for cardio days.  The cardio days are more like a Cross Fit class with weights and a lot of motion.

I already notice myself getting stronger and even losing a little weight.  Today I mistook a pair of pants that I have not worn in a while for a pair I do wear all the time.  I don’t wear the other pair because they just didn’t fit well.  Yep, too tight.  Today I put them on by error and they fit.  I only noticed they were wrong because they were still a bit snug, but they fit actually pretty good.

I think just a quick post tonight, getting late but still wanted to post an article as this was my plan to keep me on track and motivated.  I was just about to go to bed, then remembered I was going to write a post everyday to track my fitness, how I feel and to remind me to eat well and everything else.  So far, so good. It seems to be working.