How To File California Divorce Documents By Mail

How To File California Divorce Documents By Mail

Today we’re talking about something very simple, something that people do wrong quite a bit and this is how to submit your document to the court.

Anything that you file with the court, you’re going to want to have an original, with original signatures. This would be, obviously your initial filing paper. Summon and petition or the declaration regarding service of your disclosures and of course the judgment.

Everything you submit needs to be submitted with an original which is hole punched to the top and at least one copy and more importantly, if you’re filing your documents by mail which you can do. You don’t have to go to court every time.

If you file by mail or if you file specific document like the request to enter default, you need to submit original, probably two copies so you can get two back and one to give your spouse if need be or one is fine. Some documents require an original and two copies the like request to enter default.

But more importantly, you need to include envelopes. So what this means is, if you’re submitting something to court and you want it to return to you and of course you do want the documents to return to you like the proof of service, request to enter default, things at that nature. You need to supply the envelopes with postage address from the court to you.

Otherwise, they are not going to put in envelope, they are not going to write your address in there and they are not going to pay with the postage so the file, the document and it’s just going to sit in the court and you are not going to know if it was ever received or what happen with it or get a copy. Now, you’re going to have to go to court.

Specifically the request to enter default, it says on the form that you need to file it with return envelopes to both petitioner and respondent and you need to have an original and two copies.

If you want documents back from the court which of course you do, make sure to send copies, original and copies and envelopes coming back to you with postage paid so you can get proof of your filing and especially when it comes to your judgment.

You need to have three sets if you’re submitting your judgment with your request to enter default with your notice of entry of judgment. You have to have three different sets of envelopes both to petitioner and respondent when you file your judgment.

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