How To File A California Divorce Stipulation For Spousal Support

How To File A California Divorce Stipulation For Spousal Support

Today we are talking to you about how to file a California stipulation for spousal support.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that when going through divorce in California, you can stipulate to certain things that you agree to without having to go to court, without having to go to the mediator.

You can do these things on your own by drafting stipulation as to the terms of the agreement and you can both sign it, it can submitted to court and the court will sign it, the judge will sign it. And once that happens, it will be a court order.

It’s an easier way to do things than going to court. And then my line of work of specializing in California divorce and working with people that are going to the divorce process in California, on their own, representing themselves, often times they’ll need help with these sort of thing.

And they think they have to go to court, they think they have to get an attorney, all kinds of different things that are going to their heads when in reality, all you need to do is file a stipulation.

Now, the title of this video is how to file a stipulation for spousal support. But this really pertains to anything.

If you need help with something like this, feel free to give me a call. We have a paid service. We’d be happy to prepare your stipulation for you for whatever it is that you guys are agreeing on and you want to have it made as an order.

I’ve also embedded in this video, what I’ll do is I’ll put a link into this video to a slide share that I’ve created. My slide share account that you’ll be able to get the language.

What I’ve done is I’ve taken one that we’ve submitted to court here in California, in Los Angeles County. It was approved by a judge, all the language is legally sufficient, and I gave you three different scenarios: one for spousal support, one for child support, and a way of asking for something else.

In this case it was asking for one of the parties to pay half of the cost of the tuition for their children.

You can use the language. You can go ahead and copy the language if you wanted to. I can create this stipulation for you if you need assistance.

But again, look below this video and I will have the link to the slide share. I’ll also have a link to the blog post that I wrote at and you guys can read about the stipulations and what they can be used for, how you can create them.

And then again, the slide share is there so you can get the language right off the stipulation if you wanted just to write it on your own.

My name is Tim Blankenship with We specialize in California divorce.

We’re here to help you, if you need assistance please give me a call. 661-281-0266. You’ll always get more information off our website at