How To File For Divorce In Burbank California | Burbank Divorce Overview

How To File For Divorce In Burbank California | Burbank Divorce Overview

We specialize in Divorce throughout California providing affordable Divorce services. And one of the biggest questions we get is, “Tim, how does Divorce work?”, “What is the Divorce process in Burbank?”

Since we’re talking to the folks in Burbank, let’s talk specifically about the Divorce process in Burbank which is very similar to the Divorce process throughout California.

So Divorce process in a nutshell looks like this. One of the parties needs to decide who’s going to file for Divorce.

That will become the petitioner. You need to fill out the initial documents for Divorce. Take them down the court. Get them filed.

Once you them filed and have the case number issued, you can then prepare to serve those. Now you can’t serve them.

You have to have anyone other than yourself over 18, not a party to the case to serve the Divorce papers to your spouse.

Once they’re served, the person who served them needs to sign the document saying they serve them and then you need to file that document with the court.

Next both parties, if you’re going through an Amicable case we will complete their financial disclosures. This is the incoming expense and schedule of assets and debts.

Those needs to be serve on both parties. So we’ll serve yours on your spouse and vice versa.

Then if it’s an Amicable cases just a matter of putting together your agreements, we’re talking about assets and debts who’s going to get what property, who’s getting the cars, what are you going to do with the kids if any, if there’s going to be a custody, visitation plan, what is the amount of spousal support and child support and so and so on.

So as you can see there’s a lot that goes into Divorce. And that’s why we have our flat fee Divorce Paralegal Firm here in Burbank to assist you all along the way.

We have all the court forms and software that the courts and attorneys have. And we are a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm which means we take care of everything from start to finish.

So if you’re looking for some assistance with your Divorce in Burbank, please give us a call.

And when I say Burbank we do handle all of California but if you live in the jurisdiction of the Burbank Court this video was for you.

Tim Blankenship,, feel free to give me a call for a free consultation, 661-281-0266.

And keep in mind no office visit is necessary. We do a lot of what we do right over the phone and via email as we do have clients across California.