File Divorce Judgment With Default California Divorce

File Divorce Judgment With Default California Divorce

Today, we’re talking about how to file your judgment so your divorce judgment will be your final paperwork with the default.

So if you’re going through Divorce you’re probably aware that if once filed and the other party served that there’s 30 days to file a response.

And what people are doing we find is they are filing their default in 30 days and but not the judgment.

And what I want to let you know in this video is that you can file your judgment with the default all at the same time.

So first when we’re completing a case, we’ll file and serve. And then during those 30 days we’ll be completing all the other financial disclosures for both the parties.

And we’ll do their preliminary declaration of disclosure for both of them, get that filed and served. And we’ll even put together the judgment.

So this is when we’re doing a hybrid divorce. Hybrid means we’re going to have both parties involved but we’re not going to have the other party respond.

One of the benefit, you save money because the party not responding doesn’t have to pay the court fees.

So it’ll save you a bunch of money there.

So what we’ll do in those 30 days is we put everything together, get all the signatures and at that 31 day mark after the date of service we submit the judgment and the request the default literally everything and we’re done.

And at that point it’s just a matter of waiting for the court to review and approve everything.

And as a matter of process what the court will do is they’ll first pull out the file. They’ll take a look and make sure everything was done correctly procedurally.

And they will then enter the default and they want all your judgment. And usually that’s done on the same day.

So it’s just a quick way to streamline your divorce. You don’t have to wait up to six months to submit your judgment.

And you don’t have to submit your default separate from your judgment when you’re sending in your documents.

I hope that was helpful. Please call us if you like us to assist you with your Divorce.

We can step in at any point whether you just started or you’ve gone all the way through judgment and then you hit problems we can take over, fix anything any issues that have been wrong, review everything and re-submit your paperwork.

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