How To File For Divorce In Santa Monica, CA

How To File For Divorce In Santa Monica, CA

If you live in or around Santa Monica, CA and considering going through a divorce, you are going to want to watch this. We get a ton of calls everyday with people asking how to file for divorce in Santa Monica, CA.  We specialize in divorce in Santa Moncia, CA and have become the go-to divorce paralegal service in Santa Moncia, CA, so we thought we would shoot an informative video on how to file for divorce in Santa Monica, CA.  Watch the video below to learn more.

We’re getting a lot of calls where people simply want to know, what’s the process of filing for Divorce in Santa Monica?

So I’m going to talk about that. But briefly let me quickly let you know who we are.

We’re a licensed and bonded Legal Document Preparation Firm tat specializes only in Divorce in California and that of course includes the Santa Monica area.

We’re a full service, so we do everything, fill out the forms, go to the courts, service, everything a law firm does except give legal advice and represent you in court.

And we’re a neutral party to help you save some money on getting through your Divorce in Santa Monica.

So here is three simple steps that we break down the process of Divorce. We break it down in to three simple steps. So here we go.

Number one, so, you need to find out who’s going to file the paperwork, who’s going to be the petitioner.

You’re going to file your forms. And then you’re going to serve your forms. Of course, that’s the service that we’ll take care for you.

So we’ll prepare your documents, we’ll go down to the Santa Monica Court House.

We’re going to file them. We’re going to get a case number for you. And then your spouse needs to be served.

Two ways that can happen. They can either come to our office or we can mail them to your spouse if it’s an amicable type Divorce.

It doesn’t need to be hired by process server, have a sheriff go out there. We’re trying to keep things very simple.

Number two, once the service the process has happened, that’s would starts the clock on the sixth month process.

Next thing, we need to work on your financial disclosures. Aside from children and spousal support everything has to do with Divorce, has to do with dividing the property, your assets and debts.

So you have to list your assets and debts. We have to list your income, provide some certain documents. And those things have to prepare and in some cases filed with the court.

And they have to be served on your spouse. And that at least happened for both of you. We take care of that for you as well.

Third is preparing your agreements. You need to let us know who’s getting what, how you want to divide things up, what you’re going to do with the children, is there going to be issues or orders for support?

And we can help you work through all those issues as well. We just need to put those down on paper.   You got to sign them.

It goes to court. The judge signs it. And it’s a done deal. That’s how easy Divorce in Santa Monica can be.

So I just want to explain the process. Of course, your circumstances, there maybe a little twists here and there.

You have certain issues that come up and that does happen. We handle so many cases. We’ve seen so many different scenarios.

I’m certain that we can help you with your Divorce in Santa Monica. Just give us a call.

I did want to explain the process in just in generality because we do hear a lot of calls people from Santa Monica saying, ‘Tim what’s the process? How does Divorce work?’

And this was just a quick summary of how that happens.