How To Find Your California Case Number

How To Find Your California Case Number

Today we are talking about how you can find your case number.

We got lots of calls from people trying to figure out where their case is at. They have some of the documents they filed, maybe it has been years ago and they don’t know where they at, and the way you can determine where at is you need to see the documents are filed.

You can do that with your local county. It depends on where you are at in California. Go to your county court website and you’re going to look at something that says self-help services, online services and then you’re going to want to click on the link that says case summary.

You are at the case summary and all you need is the case number to find out where you’re at in your case and what documents have been filed.

This is useful for finding out hearings and things in that nature.

Now, keep in mind. You have to have your case number in order to check your case summary. There’s no way of searching by name in any of the courts in California. You have to have the case number.

So, if you don’t have the case number, the only way you can get it is by going down to the court house that you filed in or in fact you could probably go to any of the branch courts in your county and you can ask the clerk to run your name and they’ll take your license, your date of birth and they’ll find you in the system. But you can’t do that online.

You can also go in to some of the branch courts like in LA County where we’re located. They do have a computer inside that’s for personal use where you can search by name and look up cases.

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