How To Find Los Angeles Divorce Case Online

How To Find Los Angeles Divorce Case Online

Today we’re talking about a new feature of the Los Angeles County courts Superior Courts website has.

And that is now a party name search, so now as of about two weeks ago you can actually search for your case number by party name.

In the years passed the only way in Los Angeles County you could pull up a case summary is if you had the case number.

And I always thought that was a good idea. I had actually go down to the courthouse and searched on their computers if you want to search by name.

But you could have public access to online from your home computer if you had the case number you could see the case summary.

Now they have a feature called party name search. They do charge a fee of $4.75 per search.

So what this does this allows anyone to search by name and see if that person has filed for Divorce.

So that’s one way you can go as you can search by party name for that reason.

Another useful feature is if you have filed for Divorce and say you completed your Divorce many years ago and you lost your papers, you don’t have your case number.

One of the biggest issues is I don’t have my case number. I can’t run a case summary or order documents.

Now you can go online. This is for Los Angeles County.

You can go just Google search for party name search Los Angeles County Superior Court. They will bring you there and you can go when you enter your information.

You pay $4.75 fee and it will perform a search based on the criteria you gave it.

So if you need to get your case number so you can order court documents say for a past judgment or something along those lines those two is very useful and it’ll save you a trip to court.

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