Free California Divorce Resources – Podcast, Videos, Blog, Itunes & More

Free California Divorce Resources – Podcast, Videos, Blog, Itunes & More

I just want to check in with you again and make sure you’re aware of all the resources we have regarding divorce in California.

This will be a quick video. So just give me half a second.

First of all if you go to our website at across the top you’ll see some tabs.

And we have links to our videos where we have over 400 videos that I personally recorded about Divorce in California.

We also have tab that’s called podcast. You can click on there.

We have daily five day a week on demand radio show. It’s a podcast.

And that can be found on our website or you can also find us on iTunes at Divorce Master Radio.

You can also find us on Stitcher Radio as well if you want to listen in your car.

Additionally we have a live broadcast every Thursday at 1pm where you can tune in and ask questions about Divorce, about our services and that sort of thing.

And this is just our way of getting as much information out to the public about Divorce because as you’re going through your decision making process and you have questions we want to make sure you know these resources are available.

Please give us a call. We’ll be happy to get your Divorce case started here in California.

We work with all the courts across California. Make sure you’ll give us a call.

And again I extend a personal phone call if you want to call me direct and speak with the owner of the company I’ll be happy to talk to you and answer any additional follow up questions you may have.