Free Divorce Survival Tips Ebook California Divorce

Free Divorce Survival Tips Ebook California Divorce

Tim: Today we’re here with Patti Handy, Patti with an i, Handy with the Y. That’s great. Today we’re talking about a Ebook that she has.

So you’re going to learn her book here first of first and foremost.

Patti: I’m your mortgage adviser, yes.

Tim: But she has come up with an Ebook at

Patti: Yes.

Tim: That is the six steps to financial healing after divorce.

Patti: After divorce.

Tim: I can’t even read my writing. But it’s another resource if you follow our videos you know we always put information as much as possible, helpful tips.

And I thought this would be great to go on video and have another resource for you. So I thought maybe you could come on this video and tell us what they may learn or why should opt in for this Ebook.

Patti: Yeah, it’s a great resource for anybody who’s thinking about divorce, going through divorce even post divorce.

Getting their financial house of order, basically it’s again six steps of financial healing after divorce. It’s free. It’s an auto download Ebook at Excuse me.

It is basically goes to steps that you should do in order to get yourself kind of dialed in financially.

Organizing and getting a handle on your credit score, pulling your credit reports, separating assets, separating credits specifically.

And just taking charge for what you’re doing financially because that’s a real painful parts of the process because when you do go through divorce you’re splitting everything in half and you’re starting over.

Tim: I can tell you with our clients like we’re talking earlier when they go through divorce of course there’s the emotional tool that it takes but there’s also a financial tool.

And when you have one income, one household, you have one standard living, you have one income, two households, it’s totally a lower standard of living.

And I think it’s a real eye opener to folks to see what’s that standard of living is. So this is something that sounds would be helpful in opening your eyes to things that they are going to have to deal with in going through this transition.

Patti: Absolutely. And typically what happens in a marriage is one spouse will be the money manager that will be the one who pays the bills, that’ll be the one who does the investments.

They know where all the accounts are at. So the other spouse really doesn’t have a clue.

So if you’re the spouse that doesn’t know where things at I mean it’s absolutely crucial that you get to handle on where all the accounts are at, get the account numbers, get an Excel spreadsheet, get everything that’s part of the organization part of it.

And know where all those assets are and become empowered become knowledgeable with money and money itself is a topic that’s very uncomfortable for many people, divorce are not.

So the more you’re empowered and educated the more confidently you’ll be able to go through this process which is of course a very emotional exhausting process.

I have been got through divorce myself, I completely understand that.

So as frustrating as it maybe you know speak with your spouse, get everything organize, get all those statements, know the credit cards are.

Just know really what your financial house looks like. That’s going to be really the first step.