Full Service West Hills Divorce Paralegal Firm

Full Service West Hills Divorce Paralegal Firm

Talking about our West Hills Uncontested Divorce Service, my name is Tim Blankenship.

We’re a Licensed and Bonded Legal Document Preparation Firm. That means we are basically a Divorce Paralegal Firm.

We’re able to work directly with clients providing affordable flat fees and we are a neutral third party able to work with both spouses.

The benefit obviously in doing this is the cost benefit.

Now we are Full Service which means when you use our West Hills Divorce Paralegal Service we are going to fill out all the forms for you.

We’re going to go down the courthouse and file your documents. You’re not going to have to deal with the courts at all.

We’ll take care of all your financial disclosures.

So all the disclosures that the courts requires, assets and debts, income and expense, we take care of all the paperwork for you.

And then of course we’re going to take care of putting together all your agreements.

Court is not required when you go through an Uncontested Divorce. It simply means you’re not going to court.

You and your spouse can work out the details of your agreement. You can use us for assistance in that matter.

Or you can even use a third party Mediator if you need further assistance and guidance in coming up with your decisions.

In a nutshell using our service is going to save you a lot of money. And you’re not going to have to go t court.

And we’re going to help facilitate the process for both of you.

So please give me a call to learn more about our Uncontested Divorce. I’ll be happy to provide you a free phone consultation.

Just let me know you found us on YouTube or on our website.

And then we’ll be happy to talk about your specific circumstances and make sure you’re a good fit for our company.

So yes just give us a call I’ll be happy to talk to you. I’ll run you through exactly what’s the process.

What it’s going to look like. What we’re going to do for you. I’ll give you a price and we’ll be able to take care of your Divorce for you in West Hills.