How To Get Divorced In California When In The Military And Deployed Overseas

How To Get Divorced In California When In The Military And Deployed Overseas

This article is for everyone on our arm forces. Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, you name it.

When going through divorce, people in military as you know go through divorce, probably at a higher rate than most due to deployment and what not.

But I want to let you guys know that we can help you even if you’re overseas, if you have residency in California.

We have helped many people in the Army, various related arm services who are deployed in Italy, in Germany, in Australia, and other places abroad who are deployed but their residency is in California and they want to get divorced and they’re not going to be back for several months or years and they don’t want to wait to come back to California to complete their divorce.

So, you do not have to physically be present in California, as long as your residency is California.

Like for me, I was in the Marine Corps, I was stationed in San Diego, I’ve lived in California my whole life but when I deployed, we’re talking many years ago, we’re talking desert storm, 1990 – 1991.

If I were married at that time and I want to get divorced. What would I do? Would I wait for years to come back or could I call a service like mine and have them complete the divorce for me.

And that is exactly what we’ve done for several people so far that are deployed overseas.

So, if you live in California, when you’re not deployed and that’s where you grew up and that’s where you have your residency. Maybe you have a California ID or driver’s license.

You can still file for divorce. We are full service so you don’t have to be here. We can do everything via email, over the phone and I know sometimes phone is challenging but we also have a chat feature to take care of that.

But we can schedule appointments. The last time we did, the gentlemen is deployed in Italy, that’s a nine hour time change so we just have to coordinate phone calls and things at that nature. But you can get through the divorce process.

We do everything for you, we’ll take it down to court, we’ll file it, we’ll serve it, we do all the forms, all the processes. You don’t have to worry about anything, you don’t need to even obviously leave the country and we can take care of the whole thing for you.

So, I just want to let people in the military know that we are here to do that for you if you needed to do that while you’re deployed.

Just give us a call. We’ll tell you over the phone exactly what we can do for you, what the process would be like, which we are looking at as far as getting it done and we’ll take care of business for you.

Tim Blankenship, Please feel free to visit our website.

Give me a call if you have any questions. 661-281-0266. We’ll be glad to help our arm forces personnel get through the divorce process while they’re deployed.