How To Get Temporary Orders Chatsworth Divorce Court

How To Get Temporary Orders Chatsworth Divorce Court

Today, we’re talking to the folks in Chatsworth who are going to be filing in the Chatsworth Courthouse.

As you may know they recently moved the San Fernando Court Family Law to Chatsworth.

So if you’re going through a Divorce and you’re at the Chatsworth Courthouse when you go through a divorce sometimes you need to get some temporary orders in place.

And temporary orders don’t come right away.

Meaning when you file for divorce you file the petition and that’s it you serve your spouse, you don’t have a court date even if your spouse responds you still don’t have a court date.

And people wait thinking that the courts are going to send a court date but they’re not. You have to purposely ask for a court date.

Now if you are filing for divorce and you need to get some temporary orders for let’s say spousal support or child support or custody orders you need to file a motion with the court.

It’s called a Request For Order or RFO. That is a service we provide if you’re using us for your divorce we obviously recommend this if we see that you need to get some temporary orders in place.

If you’re having some issues between by the time that your divorce is finalized.

Otherwise, if you’re not using our service feel free to contact us if you’ve filed your own case and you start the case you need assistance and you need to get some temporary orders we can file a motion on your behalf which entails drafting the motion declaration, explain to the court exactly what it is you’re asking for and why should the court should grant what you’re asking for.

The drafting of motion itself, the Request For Order itself, we’ll take it down to the Chatsworth Courthouse.

We’ll file it. We’ll get you a court date. And if there are custody issues we’ll also have to get you a mediation date.

And then we’ll also take care of serving your spouse. And all you have to do is appear at the hearing along with your spouse at that court date and the judge will ask a few questions or read your declaration.

They’ll read your spouses response and the judge will make temporary orders which will stand until what they say a future order of the court or tell your final judgment is entered in the case.

So I hope that was helpful. If you need assistance getting temporary orders or interim orders as they’re known please give us a call.

We’ll be happy to help you file your motion and get your court date and get the temporary orders you need before your Divorce case finishes in Chatsworth.

Feel free to visit our website at or give me a phone call for a free consultation at 661-281-0266.