Why We Give Our California Divorce Information Away For Free

Why We Give Our California Divorce Information Away For Free

Today, I want to talk about a phone call I got yesterday. We had a potential client call and I was talking to her on the phone and we’re talking for about 15-20 minutes.

She’s asking a lot of questions, a lot of questions that we get everyday about the process and procedure of divorce and how things work and so forth.

And she said that she’s been calling around and she had talked to some other folks. And that she felt that they were all about the money.

They didn’t want to give too much information. They were just ‘Here is what we’ll do for you. Here is how much is going to cost. No, we’re not going to tell you the process.’

And really what it was is they were afraid. These people are afraid you’re just going to take the information and go do your own divorce.

In fact one of the folks that she spoke to said, ‘I don’t want to give you…I’ve already given you too much free information.’

And I was shocked to someone actually said that. So she was on the phone with someone whether it’d be an attorney or service like myself, and they told her ‘I’m giving you too much free information.’

And they won’t talk to her anymore. And I was shocked because if you know anything about our company and our over 800 we’ve done in our podcast, our radio show, our thousands of articles we’ve written on our blog we give it all away and we give it all away for free.

And I love the fact on one hand that all these people are afraid to give out the information because it makes my information more valuable.

In addition to that who are you going to turn to once you’ve watched my video and maybe you attempted to do your own divorce or gave you some insights for information and who are you going to turn to when you do need help with your divorce?

It’s going to be the person who helped you whether that’d be if you’ve listened to our podcast, watching our video or maybe we had our phone consultation and you’re still considering things.

You definitely not going to go to that person, who told you,’ I’ve already given you too much free information.’

That said when you’re going to go through a divorce use the folks that you trust.

And I’ll you one thing too what bothers me that’s why I like about it when I don’t like about it is this is so indicative of the industry of the legal field especially among attorneys.

If you go consultation they won’t tell you anything. They will answer your legal questions.

But they will keep you in the dark and my belief as I do this specifically to keep you in the dark so you’re more reliant on their services.

When you use our services we talked to you about the entire process, procedure, we keep you in a loop because you need to know what’s going on and understand the process.

We have calls day in and day out from people who had been dropped by their attorney for one reason or another usually because they ran out of money.

And they are clueless, asked you what’s going on or where their cases at because they kind of just said ‘Here’s the money. Take it and run.’

And now they’re stuck no money and calls us to the process and procedure. So my stake on this is we’ve given it all away for free.

We have so many resources. We know people use our videos and complete their entire divorce case.

They email us and say ‘Tim thanks I watch your videos and I completed my divorce.’

Now my competitors tell me ‘Tim why are you doing this? You’re taking food and money out at our mouths and out at our pockets.’

And I say ‘That’s not true. These people who use these free resources are never going to hire us for this service.’

They are people either don’t have money or they have so much time on their hand that they’re able to do this.

But for the people we’re shooting for and they were trying to attract us folks who are too busy to do this who are looking for we’d had this professionally done.

And I’ll tell you the information we put out for free comes back ten fold every time.

Feel free to give me a call for a free phone consultation or go on to our website at Divorce661.com where we have a wealth of free information.