Glendora CA Divorce Paralegal Service

Glendora CA Divorce Paralegal Service

We handle Divorce cases and we are a Paralegal firm that can help you save some money.

And we’re talking with the folks in Glendora, California.

Today, we wanted to let you know a bit more about our services and that you do an alternative to using an attorney for your Divorce.

So let me share with you quickly what we can do for you.

As a licensed and bonded Document Preparation Firm specializing in Divorce, we will literally do a law firm will do for you from you A to Z in completing your case.

We fill out your forms. We go down to court for you. We file them.

We serve them. We prepare all the necessary documentation forms etc.

We can help you with establishing child support, custody visitation, spousal support and all the things that go in to a Divorce.

And we do that for a flat fee. You can go to our website at for more information.

We have our specific pricing right on our main page. And the good thing to know is that you don’t have to travel to our office to use our services.

We do have clients all throughout California using our service. And what we do is we will do most of the work either by email or by phone and take care of the paperwork for you.

Now keep in mind, we are a full service. So that means that we will be the ones filling out the forms for you.

We’re not going to send you long questionnaires or have you do any of the work.

We will take care of that for you. We have courier services that work all the courts in Los Angeles County.

So rest assured your documents will be taken down by personal courier when they’re filed with the court.

And we’ll process everything and wrap your entire case up. And we can get things done with you in as little as 30 days.

Keep in mind, the courts won’t approve the judgment on your Divorce until six months that passed from the time we started.

But we can get the paperwork done relatively quickly.

Because we are a Paralegal firm in the Glendora, serving the Glendora Calif on the area, we don’t give legal advice. And we don’t represent you in courts.

So we’re looking for folks who are looking through go towards go to an uncontested case, where you guys are working at least somewhat together in resolving and getting through your Divorce together.

Tim Blankenship, please give us a call, we’ll be happy to provide a free consultation to make sure you’re a good fit for our company.

The numbers is on the screen. I appreciate you watching this video.

Thank you.