Why It’s Good To Watch Our Los Angeles Divorce Videos

Why It’s Good To Watch Our Los Angeles Divorce Videos

This is officially our 100th video upload to YouTube. And we do lots of videos as you know, if you’ve watch our videos. We cover a broad array of issues related to divorce and today I was reminded why I do all the videos I do.

A client just left my office and he was fully aware of the divorce process and how we work and everything to do with divorce as far as what he’d seen off our videos. Everything he learned was off our videos.

I’m guessing he probably watched twenty or thirty of our videos. Because when he called us originally, he said, he knew what we want to do. He want to do a particular style of divorce because he thought one thing and then he asked, he thought maybe he should do another but after watching our videos he knew exactly what he wanted to do.

He has watched the videos on how to prepare the forms, He was kind of deciding, should I try and do this myself. Because we have so many videos, you can literally complete your entire divorce process on your own.

But after watching the videos, he decided, he’d rather just pay someone to do it professionally and take care of everything for him in the end.

The benefit to us is, we have very informed clients. By the time they come into our office they have already decided to use our service. It’s not a meet-and-greet-and-tell-me-how-the-process-works.

We either had a long conversation on the phone after they’ve watched our videos and read our blogs or both. We’ve talked to them, we’ve directed them to our blogs; watch some videos, get informed. We really want you to understand the process of our divorce because at the end of the day you’re the one technically filling out the forms. We don’t exist, we’re just doing this for you and you’re representing yourself.

We adjusted, recopied. We’re glad we put these videos out there. It does help us. We do find clients this way, by getting this information out there but at the same time, folks who wanted to do their own divorce can completely do all the forms, all the filing and we cover everything from A to Z on how to do it.

We’re helping the community, but at the same time people wanted to help themselves by working with us. They’re free to do that as well and of course we’d love to help you with our divorce service.

Make sure you watch our videos, get informed, go to divorce661.com website, go to our YouTube channel which is: youtube/divorce661 and you can, again there’s over a hundred of videos as of now where you can learn about the divorce process and everything there is to know about it.

My name is Tim Blankenship, divorce661.com.

Please give me a call if you have any questions, we would like to get it started. 661-281-0266.