Having Trouble With Filing Your Own California Divorce

Having Trouble With Filing Your Own California Divorce

If you are attempting to complete your own California Divorce and are having trouble, you are not alone.  We get calls every day from people who are at some point in the California divorce process who are having trouble with their divorce, whether it be the divorce paperwork or not fully understanding the court procedure.  Not to worry, we specialize in California divorce and can help you complete your case anywhere in California.

Watch the video below where we explain.

Below is the transcript of this video.

I wanted to talk to the folks of California who have already filed their Divorce case and are having trouble getting their Divorce finished.

My name is Tim Blankenship. We have a licensed and bonded Legal Document Preparation Firm.

We specialize in Divorce all throughout California. And we get lots of calls as new clients calling us who haven’t started their Divorce and they want us to start from the very beginning.

And handle their Divorce case from start to finish. But we also get a lot of calls where people have started their Divorce on their own.

And if you have done that then video is for you. What we find is a lot of people want to save money.

They want to cut cost. They want to do their Divorce complete their Divorce in the most affordable way possible.

So some folks will go and try and do their Divorce on their own.

I have to admit we do get a lot of calls people who call us and saying, “I just tried to start my Divorce. I’ve really messed it up. The courts are rejecting everything. And I’m fed up. And I need help.”

Of course, we say, “We wish you would have called us in the beginning because a lot of times there’s more work to fix what you broke than to just do it right from the beginning.”

But if you started your Divorce and you’re having trouble getting it done, give us a call. We can pick where you left off. And we can finish your case for you.

We get lots of calls where people maybe they file their summons and petition and that wasn’t too hard.  They served it. And then they don’t know what to do next.

We can grab, we can take your paperwork. We can review what’s done and make sure it’s correct because unfortunately we’ve even found the initial documents that were done by people who started the Divorce on their own was wrong.

And we have to re-file it. But we will review everything you’ve done. We will pick up where you left off.

We’ll complete your case, anywhere in California. We’ve worked with almost every court in California so far.

Just give us a call. All you have to do is fax us your documents.

If you’ve already filed, we’ll pick up where you left off. We can work with both you and your spouse to complete your case and wrap things up for you.

And hopefully you didn’t get too far and spend too much money. And hopefully you didn’t pay both the filing fees.

The sooner you call us the sooner we can save you even money on potentially the court fees as well.

The people have some confusion on the court fees structure. So give us a call.

The number is on your screen. Free consultation, we can talk to you. Let us know what’s going on, where you’re at and we’ll help wrap up your case for you.