How We Help The Deaf During California Divorce

How We Help The Deaf During California Divorce

Today we’re talking about our chat feature on our website.

If you’re on you may notice in the upper right hand corner there’s a little button there that says ‘Help’ or something along those lines.

We also have interactive chat feature that will pop up if we’re monitoring it and allow you to ask questions, things of that nature.

And one thing we didn’t know it would actually end up doing is help people that are deaf.

So we kind of want to bring this up, and let people know that – I know this is kind of intuitive this being on video talking about how we can help people that are deaf but it just so happens, we’re also going to write a blog about this too so hopefully they’ll find that.

So we have a person reach out to us via email and ask is if we are able to help them. They indicated that they were deaf. And they want to know if we could do it by TTY (telecommunication device for the deaf) or some type of service or via email.

And via email can be very difficult going back and forth just waiting for the email to come back when you’re trying to have an actual conversation. If it’s a replacement for conversation, I thought it would be probably very cumbersome.

I emailed back this gentleman and let him know to go on to our website, we would turn on the chat feature and we were able to have a chat directly through our website and basically completed this divorce by chat.

So I just want to bring that out there, that that is an option out there that we try and have a lot of technologically advanced systems on our website – there are blogs, there are videos, pod casts and our chat feature.

We just didn’t realize it was going to help people that are deaf or unable to communicate otherwise and I just thought it was a good thing to talk about and we’re actually starting promoting that.

So for those that cannot hear and are deaf and need to get through divorce. Those people are out there obviously.

Feel free to use our chat feature, send me an email, we can set up the chat and then we can have the conversation via chat.

To be honest with you, he was very pleased that we’re able to service him and actually have a conversation because by chat it goes very quickly as long as you can type quickly. But you can communicate your thoughts and you can respond to direct questions back and forth without having to have long drawn out email conversations that take a long time.

So there it is, I just wanted to talk about our ability to service people that are deaf and we can do that through our chat service

Of course, for other folks if you would like to chat, we can also do that for you as well. is our website. 661-281-0266 is our phone number. Feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to help you with your divorce in California.