Helping Deployed Service Members With California Divorce

Helping Deployed Service Members With California Divorce

Today I just to talk about our service to our military folks. I’ve done a video or two in the past and I think its being seen by our military folks who are going through divorce.

I had a call yesterday and it was a sailor in the Navy obviously, overseas, deployed on a ship and he lives in San Diego of course as many as our California Naval personnel do.

I didn’t get where he was at the ocean, I’m sure it was something he don’t want to talk about anyways or what the ship he was on.

But he was calling me, he’d found me online. I think he probably found me o YouTube or one of the blog post I’ve written about helping up the military.

But anyways, we’re getting a lot of military folks calling us who are deployed overseas, whether it be in Germany, we’ve had people in Australia and this may be the first call that I know of where I was getting a call from them and they we’re actually on ship and being deployed.

So, for those folks who are in the military, regardless of the branch of service. I just want to let you know, you don’t have to wait until you come back from deployment if you want to get the ball rolling.

We are going to help him file his divorce. He lives in San Diego, his wife lives in Los Angeles and what we’re going to do is we’re going to file his case for him.

We have a phone appointment set.

We were able to work with him with the various time zones to see what would be a good time that we can meet and we’re going to complete his entire divorce process over the phone and via email and coordinate that with his wife here in Los Angeles and take care of his divorce for him.

If you kind of fall in that scenario and you need to get through the process and you need someone on the ground helping you out so you can go on with your business in the service. We can take care of business for you.

I’m a former Marine. If you can see on my video, on the upper left you’ll see my cover and my honourable discharge on the center of the screen, so you have someone on your side.

We’ll take care and help you with your divorce here in California. And then just keep in mind also if you’re watching this, you’re a residency has to be in California for us to help you.

If you’re domicile or where you live when you’re not deployed is California, we can help you anywhere in California but only in California.

Tim Blankenship,, specializing in California divorce.

Thanks for serving!