Information Needed To Start Your Chatsworth Divorce

Information Needed To Start Your Chatsworth Divorce

Today, I want to talk to you about the four forms maybe even three forms you need to start your divorce case.

Many people think they have to have all their agreements in place and have everything figured out before they file for divorce and that’s not the case.

There are just four forms and we’re going to go through them and talk about some of the basic information to file your divorce.

Number one is the petition. This is the form that lets your spouse know that you’re filing for divorce.

And it puts forth certain statistical information including your name and address, your spouse’s name and address.

The court wants to know the date of marriage and date of separation and the length of marriage.

They want to know if there are any children involved and what their ages and dates of births are.

And then they want a basic idea of what you want as far as custody if there are children, if you want a full legal full physical if it’s going to be joints but no specifics.

We’re not talking about days and hours and weeks and when the visitation occurs, just a very general sense of it and then whether there’s going to be a spousal support included in this agreement.

If you’re asking for it or if you’re asking to terminate spousal support, and that’s it!

That’s all the information we require to file.

There are some sections on there to list your property but it’s not recommended that you do that. We do that in a subsequent step.

They can leave the property sections alone. And as far as separate and community property, so you don’t have to have that completed to file that.

Number two is the summons. The summons basically there’s nothing to sign on these form but it basically let’s the other party know that you filed a lawsuit for divorce.

So you’re suing them. It sounds really scary but basically it let’s them know that there are certain orders that takes effect once the case is filed and served.

And let’s them know certain rules as far as having to respond within a certain amount of time if they want to participate in the case.

Number three is a jurisdictional form. They just want to know where you live or both of you live to make sure you’re filing in the right court.

Very simple form and the document you’ll sign and they’ll review that when you file your case to make sure you’re in the right courthouse.

And then if you have children the fourth form is the UCCJEA. It is a very simple form.

They just want to know where the kids live, what their names are, where they were born and again it’s another simple form.

So four forms if there are kids, three forms if there are no kids and that’s all you need to get your divorce started and filed and get a case number issued and serve, so, you can start the clock on the divorce process.

If you’re using our service you won’t have to worry about any of these.

We do take care of the entire divorce process for you in Chatsworth from everything from filling out the forms, filing it at the Chatsworth Courthouse, doing all the financial disclosures, all the assets and debts, income and expense, marital settlement agreement.

All the agreements now that you guys have as far as property, kids, money and so forth we will take care of.

So give us a call for a free phone consultation. No office visit is necessary or required. We do a lot of what we do right over the phone or via email.

We have a lot of busy professionals that just don’t have time to file their divorce case or try and figure out and spend hours online or going down to the courts.

So please give us a call. Affordable rates, fast service, very convenient.

I’ll be happy to provide you a free phone consultation.

My name is Tim Blankenship. You can ask for me direct.

The number here is 661-281-0266 or just go to for more information.