La Habra CA Divorce Paralegal Service

La Habra CA Divorce Paralegal Service

We are an affordable paralegal service specializing in La Habra, CA divorce  and can take care of your entire divorce case in La Habra, CA from start to finish.  As a full service divorce paralegal firm serving La Habra, CA we work with both parties to complete your divorce case.  We complete all your divorce forms, file them with the court and will complete the financial disclosures and final agreements and judgment. Give us a call for a free consultation.

Today, I want to talk to you about an alternative service to using an attorney for your Divorce.

As a Legal Document Preparation, we’re able to work directly with the client and have a client relationship.

And the benefit to using the service such as ours as a Divorce Paralegal Firm is the savings of tons of thousands of dollars in going through your Divorce.

So I want to talk to you about the types of cases we handle and what we can do for you.

So we are a full service. That means we fill out the forms. Go down the court. We’ll file them.

Serve them. Do all the financial processes and procedures the court requires. And run you through everything that needs to happen.

We’ll even help you complete your final agreements. So we will complete your entire case A to Z for one low flat fee.

You can go to our website at You can click on the link and find out exactly what your cost are going to be based on your specific circumstances.

Now we handle mostly uncontested cases, cases where the parties are working together to get through their Divorce in La Habra.

So if you need an attorney you’re going to be someone who’s probably fighting with your spouse and things in that nature.

That’s not the clients that we’re looking for. In fact we wouldn’t be a good service for you if you are planning on going to court and fighting with your spouse in court over things.

That’s not the kind of clients we’re look for nor can we help. We’re looking for folks who are somewhat friendly with each other.

We’re not saying you’re the best of friends. I mean obviously you are going through a Divorce.

But we can help you get through the process if you’re at least willing to sit down and work through your issues in your Divorce.

Now we’ll do everything from A to Z as I said. This includes filling out the forms, going to court, file them, serving them, all the processes and procedures, all the way to the end without any other third party services such as mediators or attorneys.

And if you are in the 80% of people who don’t use an attorney, our Paralegal Service will be a good alternative for you.

Make sure to give me a call. I’d be happy to give you a free phone consultation and talk about your specific circumstances to make sure you’re a good fit for our company.

661-281-0266 or go to for more information. Keep in mind you won’t have to come to our office.

We do have clients all over California providing the service. And we deal directly with each of the courts in California for you.