Life After Divorce An Explanation Of The Healing Process

Life After Divorce An Explanation Of The Healing Process

Tim: When my clients come to us that is a major issue like they can’t see the end.

Patti: Yes.

Tim: They’re stuck in that moment or they’re like–

Patti: They’re in dark hole.

Tim: They’re how do I do this? How do I—we’re talking how do I tell my spouse?

And I try and tell them when we see our clients on the other end they are happy, they’re so glad they did it.

They didn’t say perhaps wait till our kids turned 18. We see a lot of that going on.

Patti: Yeah, you’re right.

Tim: They’re all happier. So there is life after.

Patti: There is a great life after.

Tim: Yes. How would you get them to –How would you say? I can’t tell that to people. I’m still married.

Why should they believe me? But you’ve been through that.

Patti: No, you know the analogy that I use it’s like going–it’s like giving birth to yourself.

We’re going to the birth canal right? And there’s a visual.

Tim: I didn’t know we’re going there. I’m kidding.

Patti: It’s really dark. It hurts. It’s you don’t know where you’re going. You didn’t know what’s in the other side.

At the other side it’s life. There’s just a period of time where it’s going to hurt. It’s going to be painful.

You don’t know where you’re going. It’s a blank faith situation.

And you then will come out at the other side and it will be wonderful. It’s a process.

You have to be patient with yourself.  Be patient with others.

It’s like a physical realm. If you were getting to accident and your leg will split open, right? And you just it’s hurt. You can’t wish it to heal fast.

You just need to get a doctor, get it cleaned out, protocast, rest and take care of yourself and let it heal naturally, same thing with the emotional world.

You just got to heal yourself carefully, take good care of yourself. That’s really a critical point taking really good point taking really good care of yourself, focusing on you, focus on your children.

And say process will happen. Mother Nature will take its course.

But just know absolutely, positively, without a doubt become much happier at the other end if you take care of yourself well.

Tim: Yeah.