Life, Home, Auto & Business Insurance In Santa Clarita

Life, Home, Auto & Business Insurance In Santa Clarita

Tim: So anything to add? I mean this is regarding our conversation. I love doing these.

We have different topics here each week. And good things always come out of it.

Jon: Yes. Well, I appreciate you having me.

Tim: Yes.

Jon: Because this is one of the things that at by the time we usually get to people, it’s too late on the other situations.

So I’m just glad you’re out there educating people in these situations so that we’re in a position to help them before something bad happens and that if it didn’t worked out the way we helped that way.

Tim: It’s all about the education point of idea. I do so many videos. We’re doing these videos talking about Life Insurance because it’s related to Divorce and all of that.

So education is what we do. I have tons of videos and we have podcast and we just have so much information out there.

It’s incredible! But I’m glad to hear experts in various fields able to help explain it better than I can.

Jon: But what I would encourage people who I think is going through this process, you can tell that by making a list of things.

It sounds like going to you might be a way to get themselves well educated.

Tim: Yes.

Jon: So, that they’ll understand what the process is going to be like as they go through it and I think that’s just makes it easier for them.

Tim: Alright, well, thanks for coming.

Jon: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Tim: Yes. Let people know real quick before we sign off here, where they can get a hold of you, your phone number or your email.

You got what,

Jon: Right. So I’m working out here in Santa Clarita because I’ve been here for 13 years with the business.

We’re over on Tourney Rd. just right by right across the street from the Valencia Country Club.

And the best way to reach us is by call us at our number which is 661-388-5288. And we will be happy to help you anyway we can.

Even if it’s just to give you information, that’s fine. We’re good with that.

Tim: And you handle auto, home…

Jon: Home, life and all business types of insurance too. We work with a lot of small business and medium business insurance.

Tim: I don’t mind.

Jon: There you go! So that doesn’t come up so much in the Divorce situation.

Tim: Sure.

Jon: In terms from an insurance standpoint but certainly something we can help you with.

Tim; Absolutely!

Jon: Yes.

Tim: Well, thanks again for stopping by.

Jon: Thank you having me. I appreciate it.

Tim: And we’ll do this again. I appreciate it.

Jon: Alright.

Tim: Thank you sir.

Jon: Alright.

Tim: Alright.

Jon: Take care!