Do I Have To Live Separate Before Divorce In California

Do I Have To Live Separate Before Divorce In California

Today we’re answering the questions of is it okay to live with your spouse during divorce.

And the reason people have this question is because it varies by state. In California you do not have to live separately in a different residence from your spouse while going through the divorce process. You do not have to be literally separated.

In fact many of our clients, because of financial reasons continue to live together in the same house until their divorce is finalized, some even afterwards.

So, it’s okay. You don’t have to move out of your home before or move in a separate residence before you file for divorce. And that’s different from state to state, in California that’s the case.

I’ll give you a different idea of what that would be on another state. In Arizona for instance, I was talking to a family law attorney, they’re in Phoenix and the have to be separated for twelve months, literally live apart for twelve months, separate residence. Apparently not even in a separate room in the same house but you have to be separate living apart for twelve months.

That brings up some interesting considerations and thoughts because a lot of times people going through divorce it’s costly. You’re going to spend some money on your divorce and when you live apart you still have to make your family finances be a part of your divorce.

We have people that are going through divorce for months. It could take six, eight, twelve months in California to finalize your divorce even in an uncontested case and those people maintain the status quote by still paying the bills together, collectively.

Because when you live in two different households and you’ll soon realize when finalized your divorce. It’s more costly to run two households than it is one. So, those folks in Arizona assume ably are having a little bit more difficult financial time because they are forced to live separate for twelve months.

Just keep in mind, California, you can be in the same house, you can be in the same bed. The courts don’t matter it’s a no fault state. You don’t even have to be in different rooms. You don’t even have to be on the couch. We get most of our clients do this out of necessity.

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