How Long Is Divorce Process In Pomona California

How Long Is Divorce Process In Pomona California

We are a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm specializing Divorce in Pomona. And we serve all of California for that matter.

I want to answer one of the biggest questions or most frequently asked questions I get every single day.  That is, how long is the Divorce process?

Now, the Divorce process is the same throughout California regardless but I have folks that are searching locally in Pomona for this answer and we get a lot of calls about Divorce in Pomona, so, I just want to answer this on video so you can spare yourself some research time trying to answer to this most frequently asked question.

So the question is, how does Divorce take in Pomona California? And of course, when you’re watching this and you don’t live in Pomona or the jurisdiction of Pomona Court House, the same applies anywhere in California.

So two things: Divorce takes at a minimum six months.

California has what’s called a cooling off period which basically says your Divorce cannot be finalized until six months have passed from the date that your spouse is served.

So it’s not from the date of filing. It’s from the date of service.

So one you filed your Divorce and you served those papers on your spouse, the soonest you can be Divorce is six months plus a day in fact.

After that date of service is the soonest you can be Divorced.

Now that’s of course, if you’re going through an Amicable case and you’re just doing the paperwork kind of what we do for folks that’s the soonest that it can be done.

Usually, our clients our cases are done much sooner than six months.

Usually, within three months we complete everything even two months we’ve done them as fast as 30 days which  is absolutely the soonest you can do your Divorce is within 30 days.

Again, we can submit the case. It can be reviewed. It can be improved.

But it’s not going to be official. You won’t become officially single until six months had passed after the date of service.

Now, well the other answer is, as far as the paperwork is concerned, waiting at the paperwork as fast as 30 days.

So this is the other answer. When you file your case with us, we can take it down the court.

We’ll get it filed or serve your spouse. From that day forward, after 30 days we can submit your entire case.

We’re talking about all your property issues, custody issues, alimony, support and all that can be addressed.

Within that 30 days we can get signatures after 30 days and submit your entire Divorce case.

One of the big misconceptions people have is that they think they have to wait six months to submit their Divorce paperwork.

And that is not true. Six months is the soonest you can get Divorce.

Meaning the soonest it can be official and that date starts after the date of service. 30 days is as soon as we can submit your Divorce.

And I guess there’s three answers, you don’t have to wait six months to submit your paperwork which we find in a lot of people have, a misunderstanding on.

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