Los Angeles Divorce | Benefits of Bringing Your Spouse To Consultation

Los Angeles Divorce | Benefits of Bringing Your Spouse To Consultation

What I wanted to discuss is how it might be a good idea, of course this is assuming that things are mostly amicable with your spouse if you’re going through divorce.

This week I had three separate couples come in together to the consultation, to an appointment, and they wanted to do that because they wanted to discuss some options and get a lot of the paperwork done in a single meeting.

And it was actually the first time that I had agreed to that, not because I had any issue with it, but because no one had asked, and it actually turned out to work out very well.

And I wanted, if you’re watching this video, to consider that as an option.

Instead of coming in and meeting me on your own and filing, you’re going to obviously have tell your spouse at some point, so maybe bring it up and you both come in at the same time and meet with me. And we can get a lot of paperwork done and answer questions for both parties.

This was helpful in a lot of ways, but most importantly, aside from getting a lot of the paperwork done is if you hire me to help both parties prepare the divorce paperwork for you, for both of you, the spouse that did not hire me, did not know who I was prior to receiving the paperwork, always seem to be a little bit cautious in working with me because they were not the one to hire me.

When these couples came out and met with me at the same time, both of them were very comfortable and will have no issue moving forward with me carrying the paperwork for both parties. So it was a very good situation; I do highly recommend it.

In cases where you know that it would be a low conflict style divorce or uncontested divorce; because both of you can come in at the same time and we can answer questions, both for you and your spouse so both of you feel comfortable as far as what the process is going to be.

And so you’ll realize that hey, I’m not an attorney, I’m not here to give you legal advice or represent one party or the other. I’m here to help push the paperwork through, explain the process and when you need specific information or you get stuck or you need help coming to decisions on certain things, what am I going to be able to do to help you?

Advise you as far as what the court process is, how to get appointments from the mediators. So the idea is that I want both of you to feel comfortable in working with me so for one rate we get the entire divorce process done.

Again, this is Tim Blankenship, owner of SCV Legal Doc Assist.

We’re headquartered in Santa Clarita. Please give me a call in 661-281-0266.

Or you can get more information off our website at divorce661.com