Which Los Angeles Divorce Court Do I File In?

Which Los Angeles Divorce Court Do I File In?

Today, I want to talk to you about how the courts jurisdiction works for Los Angeles County specifically in how they divide up their branch courts and how you can figure out what court you need to file in.

So the main brain branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court is at Central. So it’s the Central Division in downtown LA.

That’s the main courthouse for the county of Los Angeles. So regardless of where you live in LA County as far as North in Palmdale and Lancaster as far as South at Long Beach as far as East is let’s say Pomona and as far West as LA County goes so West Hills, West Valley area all of you can find out in the Central Courthouse.

That is the main court. Now what the courts have done for convenience over the years as they have branch courts.

So there are courts in San Fernando branch court in Burbank, in Van Nuys etc. Long Beach.

These are branch courts that are there just for each of you. So you don’t have to drive as far to file your divorce case.

So I want to explain how jurisdiction works. So essentially if you’re living close to that courthouse most likely that’s going to be your court.

But we have is client call us saying they wanted to file, they basically send over the paperwork and said we live in X City, but we want to file in the Burbank because one of the spouses work in Burbank.

So it would have been convenient for them to go to the Burbank Courthouse.

The thing here is though have they attempted this on their own which they didn’t they hired us to assist them with their divorce but had they gone to the courthouse they want to go to.

In this case they want to go to Burbank to file their case but they didn’t live within the jurisdiction.

They would simply reject their petition for divorce and then send them to the correct courthouse to file which in this case if you live in Burbank you don’t have to go to Pasadena so you could have filed in Pasadena or in Central.

Part of the easiest way to figure out which court to file is you just give us a call. We can check and see based on your zip code where you should file your case locally.

So go ahead and give us a call for free phone consultation, I’ll be happy to prepare your Divorce case for you 661-281-0266.