Los Angeles Divorce Judgment Checklist The Courts Use To Approve Your Divorce Judgment

Los Angeles Divorce Judgment Checklist The Courts Use To Approve Your Divorce Judgment

Today we’re talking about the forms necessary to file a default dissolution judgment.

This is a series of videos we’re doing where we’re going through the actual checklist, the courts checklist of what needs to be submitted when you file a particular type of case. In particular, the judgment forms. The final forms that you will be submitting.

Today we’re talking about a default dissolution judgment.

This is going to be when a response was not filed, so you filed for a divorce, your spouse did not file a response. It’s foreseen by default or default will be entered and the judgment is prepared solely by you, solely by the petitioner.

This means, this is what’s called a true default case. So, you filed, your spouse never responded and they’re not even involved in the case whatsoever. You filed a default at some point after thirty days or you’re doing it along with the judgment paperwork, which is totally fine.

Here’s what you’re going to need, and by the way, I’m going to put a link in this YouTube video.

You can just go down get this link. It’ll go to my blog; in the blog you’ll have a link to the, this actual checklist and we suggest you attach this, put your name to the top when you submit your judgment forms.

You know, check off these as you go and this will do two things, it’ll help you keep track that you have the right forms and you’ll let the court know this is the type of judgment you are preparing.

Sometimes, they don’t take a lot of time to look at these and will just reject them quickly. If you submit this it’ll give the apparent at least that you made a good attempt to get it this time.

Alright, previous service and summons, you’re going to need to send a copy of that, requesting a default FL-165, your FL-141, petitioner’s declaration regarding service of preliminary declaration of disclosure, this is where you, after you file for divorce, you did your PDD’s, your preliminary declaration of disclosure that was the schedule of assets and debts and incoming expense declaration.

You don’t need to send all that in, just the one form. The FL-141 that says, you complied with that, you mailed out the documents to your spouse and he filed the form with the court.

Declaration for default or uncontested dissolution or CFL-170, the judgment, the FL-180 and the notice of entry judgment, FL-190. That’s going to be the core essentials of the case.

This judgment discuss is a lot of other options that you may have, if you have children, there are several other forms you’re going to need and it’s all on here.

If your child support or spousal support, property, attorney’s fees and cost request and all of those are additional attachments. We’re going to cover those on subsequent videos.

Talking about the different form attachments and we also did another video talking about the proper order of submitting this, how to put this together, how to staple of how many copies. So, look for that video as well.

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