Was Your Los Angeles Divorce Judgment Rejected? | Los Angeles Divorce Rejection

Was Your Los Angeles Divorce Judgment Rejected? | Los Angeles Divorce Rejection

Today I want to talk to you about judgments, divorce judgments, how to submit them and issues that were seen or new issues that were seen with judgments being rejected.

We’ve talked a lot in the past about how to get your judgments through, that we offer a judgment processing service where if you’ve gotten up to that part of your divorce and you’re going to have to submit your judgment.

That’s a very complex and difficult process and there is a high chance that your judgment will be rejected and we will help you take care of that.

We’re now finding that the court has found another reason to reject the judgments.

So, in the past, probably three week we have had two cases get rejected and these are the judgments we are talking about and this is for new reasons that we have not seen in the past so we wanted to let everyone know. Specially, those of you who are doing this on your own that there is a new reason for them to reject your judgment.

Not only is there a three page reject sheet with check boxes on here for missing documents, wrong language and all of that. I mean, it’s pretty expensive judgment reject sheet.

But now, and there always has been another box but now what we’re seeing and this was the same in both cases, it says: “judgment packets not were submitted in correct order, all attachments must be attached to judgment in the proper order.”.

Here is a judgment package. You can see it’s very thick, it’s a lot of work, there are three copies of the judgment. Everything is in here. This was submitted to the court two months ago and it came back.

Why? Because it is not in the proper order. So, everything is here is correct, we’re assuming. It’s all here.

All they had to do was literally coy it and put it in the order that they desired, but instead they decided to fill this out. Would probably take as much time to actually just put it in the correct order and reject it.

Now, the issue with that is the wording they say is put it in the correct order. Well, I ask you what is the correct order? Only the courts know, we know, but they have never required it to be in a particular order.

We would just submit it with all the attachments, all the copies and they would put it in the order that they liked; get it signed and get it stapled altogether. But apparently that is too much work for them now, so make sure you do that and the problem is you don’t know what order that is.

Perhaps in another video we will go through step by step what the correct order of the judgment is and how to put that together so you can avoid having them rejected and we will be doing that as well.

If you’ve had your judgment rejected, we do offer a service where we can go through all the reject sheets. Clean it up and go through everything else, make sure it’s correct and resubmit it and now put it in the correct order and help you out through the process.

If you have any questions about divorce rejects and some of the issues you may have found. If it’s something simple, we’d be happy to just help you over the phone. If you need us to go through your entire case of course we would do that for a fee.

But in any case, just watch out to make sure you put it in the proper order, check back for our video. I think I will do a video on the proper order of submitting your judgment so folks can get this through and not spend time with the courts and getting this rejected.

Give me a call. 661-281-0266. Again Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com.

We specialize in divorce document preparation in Los Angeles County.

Talk to you soon!