Los Angeles Divorce | Process Using Divorce Paralegal Service

Los Angeles Divorce | Process Using Divorce Paralegal Service

Today, I want to talk to you a little bit about how our legal document preparation service works.

When you call us, the first thing you will do is be asked a series of questions so we can better understand what your circumstances are regarding your divorce.

After we discussed your case with you, we will be happy to give you an indication of what the cost will be. We work on a fixed price basis and not on hourly rates.

The next step, once you decided to work with us, we’ve broken down the process into three digestible steps.

Step one is completing the initial divorce paperwork, filing it with the court and getting that paperwork served on your spouse.

The second step is completing the financial disclosures for both spouses and step three is preparing the final judgment.

Because we are a neutral third party and not a law firm, we often work with both spouses for one flat rate. That means that we can prepare both of your and your spouse’s paperwork, prepare the final judgment, and get your divorce for one price.

If you like more information on our service, please just give us a call or visit one of our local area websites.