Los Angeles Divorce | Uncontested Divorce Judgment Checklist

Los Angeles Divorce | Uncontested Divorce Judgment Checklist

Today we’re going to talk about the checklist you can use for the uncontested divorce judgment in California.

I’ve been getting a lot of calls from folks who are asking me, folks who want to do these themselves of course, if there is a checklist online or what checklist do we use that you can use to submit your judgment make sure you have all the forms necessary.

I’m going to go over this step by step in this video, go over what the uncontested dissolution judgment checklist has on it.

There is one thing that is missing. They’ve updated the judgment forms for Los Angeles County anyways, actually it is going to be for California and so I want to go over everything that is on here and I’m also going to put a link in this video.

If you just go down to the text below, I’ll put a link in the text and it’ll take you to my blog. And I will have this PDF available for your viewing.

I’d recommend you just print it out and actually what I do is I write the client’s name at the top, I highlight uncontested dissolution judgment or whatever the case is.

I’m going to be doing another video on all the different types of judgments you can submit, because each of them is different, all the forms are different and I’m letting the court know when they get the judgment package, “Hey, this is the type of judgment we are submitting.

So, these are the forms you’re going to be looking for.” – Just to kind of help them understand what we’re doing so they don’t think we missed a form when we didn’t.

On the uncontested dissolution judgment, here’s the list of forms you’re going to need.

And just so you know an uncontested dissolution is defined as this: a petition was filed, a response was filed and the parties have a written agreement.

This is what you’d use when you file for divorce, your spouse filed a response and you’re entering into a written agreement. You have to have an appearance stipulation and waiver, the FL-130. If children are involved, you need a declaration of uniform child custody and jurisdiction act FL-105.

Now, just as a note, you would have already done this when you first filed for divorce, this UCCJEA. You would have done that already, you only need to update that if there have been some changes.

You’re going to need a declaration regarding service or preliminary declaration of disclosure. You’ve already done this after you filed your petition and your spouse would have done it after they filed their response. It’s the declaration of disclosure. It’s the form you filed that said you’d prepared all your financial disclosures and served them. Make sure that’s filed before you submit your judgment.

The declaration regarding service of final declaration of disclosure, you probably won’t need that. I’ve never had to complete that form, we always are using the next one on the list, the stipulation and waiver of final declaration of disclosure.

Whatever the case may be, just include the proper form. The declaration for default or uncontested dissolution, it’s FL-170 and you need a judgment form, the FL-180 which will be essentially your cover sheet.

Notice of entry of judgment, FL-190. And if there is child support you’re going to need the stipulation to establish or modify child support, FL-350. Or you can use the child support and order attachment, FL-342.

I know these are a lot of forms, I would just suggest you go down and click, if this is something that you need, you know it’s uncontested, you know that a petition was filed, a response was filed, and you have a written agreement.

Just click the link below and you can get this PDF off our blog.

If you have child support, you may want to include the dismal master, income with whole in order, all those are necessary.

Just remember, if you have child support, you’re going to need the FL-341 attachment. If you have spousal support, you’re going to have a 343 attachment and what’s not on this form is the FL-345, which is a property order attachment.

It’s a new form, what the courts are trying to do is get away from the written narrative in the judgment and everything is in attachment, a form attachment to the FL-180.

So, hope that helped. We do provide the service where we can submit your judgment for you and take care of this for you if you like. Otherwise, feel free to use this judgment and take a shot in getting it submitted.

If you have any question, feel free to give me a call. My name is Time Blankenship with divorce661.com.

You can reach me at 661-281-0266.