Los Angeles Hybrid Divorce Judgment Checklist | Divorce PDF

Los Angeles Hybrid Divorce Judgment Checklist | Divorce PDF

This article is going to talk about the Hybrid Dissolution Judgment.

The courts put out a judgment checklist for all the different types of judgment you would enter and the judgment that we’re talking about today is a hybrid. It’s now a well-known type of judgment but is one on that we use exclusively here at divorce661.com.

Know a lot of benefits and you can check other videos and blogs on why.

But you’re going to use a Hybrid Dissolution Judgment when a response was not filed, the case is not proceeding by default, and the parties have a written agreement.

So just briefly, a hybrid is exactly that. There is no response filed but you’re going to enter into a written agreement. And this is different from say, a true default case where there is no response and no written agreement, just so you know the difference.

If you’ve no written agreement and there’s been no response filed, you’re going to want to use the true default divorce paperwork, and we’ll be talking about that in subsequent videos.

So let me go over briefly about the forms, I’m going to put a link at the bottom of this YouTube video to my blog, where we will have a PDF version of this, so you can print this out and have this.

As I tell folks, if you’re going to do this on your own, even – put your name at the top of this, check these off as you do the forms, and make sure the court knows that: “Hey, this is what we’re turning in, and this is the type of judgment, and these are the forms we have included.” It’ll help them, it’ll help you increase your chances of getting your judgment through and not rejected.

Alright, so just briefly, you’re going to need a FL-115, your proof of service of summon to prove to the court that you actually served your spouse, request to enter default FL-165. Don’t forget to include two (2) self-addressed stamped envelopes so they can mail that back to you.

Children involved or any NFL-105, you’re going to need a declaration regarding service of declaration of disclosure or CFL-141. They’re going to need your stiffened waiver of final declaration of disclosure FL-144, your FL-170 declaration for default, FL-180 the judgment form, and those of entry of judgment FL-190.

That’s going to be the basics, the essentials, of your case, if you have a child support, or child custody or spousal support or a property order.  You’re going to need to attach all of those as well.

We also did a video on the proper order of so many of your judgment package. Make sure to take a look at that one too. Once you have this together, it’ll discuss exactly what order to put these documents in.

My name is Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com.

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And today we talked about the forms necessary for the Hybrid Dissolution Judgment.

Make sure to click the link below to go to our blog and you can get a print out of this PDF attachment and you use it to submit to the court.