How To Make Sure Your Realtor Understands Divorce

How To Make Sure Your Realtor Understands Divorce

Connor: Yes, I have to say the Divorce scenario is if you’re going to hire somebody to do it, make sure they’ve done it.

Make sure they understand the process. Make sure you get good advice. Make sure they sit you down and get a game plan with you.

Don’t take it forgranted that they say, ‘Oh, I’m an expert at doing Divorces for Real Estate and selling out.’

Don’t take their word for it. You got to sit down. They should be able to explain to you how the process works.

Just like you Tim, what’s good about you is we’ve talked a lot before. You’re good at scenarios.

‘You know we had a couple in here last week. And she said such and such and he said so on and so.’

And it relates to what these people are now going on through. That’s the best way to convey information.

Tim: It’s like troubleshooting. We do so many Divorce cases here all throughout California. We see all these different scenarios.

And now from doing these along we can troubleshoot and give suggestions, ideas which is all the reason we’re doing this episode regarding Real Estate because this is one of those things we’re trying to inform our clients about is what the options and I sit when we have our consultations.

When I have Real Estate I said, ‘Look, when it comes to your house these are the three options you’ll have or four or five now that we have.’

And depending on their circumstances financially I can tell them right there on the spot, ‘This is going to be your only options because of X-Y and Z.’

And that has to sink in sometimes because usually not what they want because they want to keep the house and all that.

But what we tell folks regarding money and your finances when you live apart, when you separate from your spouse, you have the same income whether it was you working alone or both spouses working the money doesn’t go as far when you’re trying to handle two households.

Connor: Right. Absolutely, that’s additional expense.

Tim: Whether it’d be the original primary residence or you both have separate, move out and go that route, so.