Online California Divorce Document Company | Horror Story # 1

Online California Divorce Document Company | Horror Story # 1

Hi! This is Tim Blankenship again with

And today, I want to talk to you about another client of mine who, prior to calling my service, used the services of one of these online divorce document assembly services.

I’m not going to name names but you know these online divorce document companies that will sell you the forms. They’ll either send you the blank forms from anywhere from 100 to 200 dollars or they’ll send you a series of questionnaires online that you fill out and then it auto-populates your divorce forms.

I have lots of clients that I get that come through here. They’ve done one or both of those and then come to me when they realize the forms don’t work to get their divorce completed.

So, I want to discuss a little bit about why you should not have to use these services.

As an example, this gentleman came in because he used those services where he paid $200, filled out all the forms online and then they shipped all the documents to his home. He came in because he didn’t know where to start – which forms need to be filed, which ones need to be served, which ones need to be completed, and he had a lot of questions.

So, when he brought in all his documents, what we normally do is we’ll go through it in completion and show him how much of a dis-service this is. And what we discovered is he was sent about 20 forms he didn’t need; he had forms that were missing that he did need and absolutely no understanding of how to process the forms once he had them.

Not only that, but the court that they assigned him based on an address they gave was wrong, so had he filed these, he would have been in the wrong court. On top of that there was two separate types of petitions in the paperwork and had he filed the petition they send him, he would have been charged double the cost of the normal filing fee.

So, potentially that would have cost him an extra $435 had he gone this alone.

Now, unfortunately he had already paid for the services and there is nothing I could do, moving forward he said it’s a learning experience and I want to share that with you watching this video, so you don’t fall into the same circumstances.

And I get these types of clients all the time, who want to buy the forms. They are sucked in to believing that it’s easy, in fact he told me that the online company, on the website it says it only takes a few minutes to complete. Well, he spent four and a half hours on these documents. Wasted his money, wasted his time and the documents were completely wrong and then came up here to our company to have us complete all the documents for him.

Now, again I have lots of clients that end up doing this. So, I’m going to do a video every term a new client comes to my office that who used an online assembly service or purchased the forms. I want to talk about this, in the hopes of getting more stories out there.

So, folks would simply just call me. So, they don’t have to go through this and waste their money. If you have more time than money and you can’t afford my service let’s say, don’t go out and buy the forms. All these forms are free, you can do one of two things: go to your local court house and pick up the forms or go send me an email. Tell you what, send me an email and I will send you all the forms.

They’re also online, the court website. If you don’t have a computer, send me a letter. Somehow, call me and I’ll send you all the forms you need. You’re here as a free service to do this, but there’s folks out there that just don’t have the money, we understand that and we don’t want you to spend more money, fifty bucks, twenty five bucks, whatever it is for these forms. They are free, we will send them to you not a problem.

You can send me an email at or just call me, 661-281-0266 and get more information off our website at, and again just be wary of these companies. There are a lot of them and they have lots of money to spend on marketing.

So, they’re out there, you’re going to find them. Use you’re a professional service like us to prepare your divorce on California. Give me a call.

Tim Blankenship, 661-281-0266.

And have a great day! Thanks for reading!