Online California Divorce Service

Online California Divorce Service

We are licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm specializing in divorce in California, paralegal if you will. Most people know us by that name.

We handle divorce cases all throughout California. We do much of it online and help cases all throughout California.

We wanted to make this video because there’s a lot of clients out there that have found us online, on YouTube.

Looking for an online divorce service or looking for not just a divorce service, maybe a cheap divorce service, what have you, with their uncontested case.

So, what we want to do is discuss the differences between our service and other online services.

First of all, what you’ll notice is, if you’re searching around that there truly isn’t a service out there that allows you to file completely online. Some people allow you to do the initial documents and then they’ll stop there.

But the online services that you’ll find are basically automated document assembly services, this means you answer a long online questionnaire and then your answers are populated into the forms.

The problem with this is there is not a human being looking at the forms to make sure you did it correctly.

We have numerous clients that come from one of these myriad online services that they had their forms done incorrectly and they’re rejected by the court.

Not to mention, their forms are not updated, because usually these online companies are trying to service all the states in the US and they can’t update their forms correctly.

In California, the forms are updated twice a year and we’re seeing that these online services haven’t updated them for many years and these forms are now being rejected.

Now, let’s talk about costs. When you file through an online service, they may have a low teaser rate upfront but they’re goal is to try and get you to use their full service and so forth.

They don’t, however file any of the forms, serve the forms or anything like that. That’s really when you’re going to need done.

When we fill out your documents, we literally will do it by hand. We’ll talk to you on the phone. We can get some of the questions from you via email, whatever you prefer, depending on your schedule and were going to walk you through step by step and actually type up your documents for you. No automated document assembly with our company.

We’re going to save you money, when you use our service we can show you how to avoid paying the other half of the filing fees.

When you use an online service, generally they will recommend or require you to file a response along with the petition. Now, you’re paying $435 twice.

Not with us. There’s a way with the courts that you can get away with paying a single fee, it’s called a hybrid. I won’t go into it here, but make sure to call me.

Because if we do this, our fees will be absorbed by the fees you save in filing fees and you have us do all the work.

My name is Tim Blankenship. We specialize in divorce in California. Please give me a call 661-281-0266.

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