Online California Divorce Service Now Offered

Online California Divorce Service Now Offered

We’re licensed and bonded legal document preparation firm specializing in divorce in California and we’re going to start talking a lot about the online divorce process, online divorce services, they are also known as automated document assembly services.

In California there is no truly online divorce. Uou can’t log in to the court website fill out your form submit them and do everything online. When we say online divorce related to California divorce, we’re talking about using a software system where you can enter in your information and it can fill out the forms automatically for you.

The reason we’re bringing this up is we now have that software, there is hundreds of companies that have this. We now also have the software where people who are going through the divorce process who have a difficult time filling out the forms, what forms to use, what goes in the boxes.

Our software will basically go through the system of questions and answers. You answer the question and your answers are automatically populated into the divorce form for you so you don’t have to worry about what to fill out and what forms do you even need, the software takes care of that.

Now, we hope you find our service online and use our online automated divorce software and we used to talk negatively about companies that offered the service because we see people in the past who have difficulty getting the product, getting their divorce completed properly because filling out the form is one thing, following the process and procedure of the court is another thing altogether

But now we are offering the service. The reason we feel good about it now is because we are offering a one hundred percent guarantee that your divorce will be completed.

If you are not able to do it on your own through the software, you can upgrade to our full service at any time and we will give you complete credit for the money you spent on the online forms and we’ll simply upgrade you to the full divorce service.

We are a full service divorce firm in California and we’ll simply take over from there and we will, we’ll take care of the divorce process entirely for you at that point.