Palos Verdes CA Divorce Paralegal – Paralegal Divorce Palos Verdes

Palos Verdes CA Divorce Paralegal – Paralegal Divorce Palos Verdes

Today, we’re talking to the folks of Palos Verdes in California. I wanted to let you know about our full service Divorce process when getting a Divorce Paralegal Firm.

And I wanted to let you know that we are an alternative to hiring an attorney for your Divorce.

Being that we’re a full service, we take care of everything working with both spouses as we’re a neutral third party.

We don’t represent either parties, we can work with both of you at one affordable flat fee.

As we’re a full service, we take care of going down the court for you, filing the documents, we fill everything out.

We serve the documents, prepare all the financial disclosures. So every step of your Divorce is taken care of for you by us.

You won’t have to deal with the court. You won’t have to go to court in most cases.

If everything come—if you guys come to an agreement you and your spouse regarding all the assets and debts, property, children, spousal support, child support all of that.

If you come to all of the agreements you will never have to go to court. We’ll help take care of all that for you.

We’ll run you through the processes and procedures filling out all the financial documents, all the agreements, the judgments, the marital settlement agreements, all of that is included in our pricing.

And we also have all the same forms, software that the attorneys have and the courts have. So you won’t have to go to any third party service.

You don’t have to go to the court or an attorney unless you needed legal advisers or something along those lines.

But 99% of the cases that we handle are amicable. The parties are working together. You know, you’re not, doesn’t mean you’re going to 100% like each other.

You’re obviously going through Divorce. But if you’re at least attempting to work together, we can kind of meet you in the middle there.

And help you get through the remainder of that help you come to the agreements, explain the process, the procedure.

You won’t have to worry about dealing with the courts or what comes next or how to fill out the forms. That’s all included in what we do.

So please give us a call. I’ll be happy to give you a free consultation if you want more information.

One more thing, you won’t have to come to our office if you’re in Palos Verdes. We now have clients all over California.

We have stream lined way of getting through Divorce because Divorce is all we do. In California, we’ve become the go to folks anywhere in California to file your case.

We have work with just about every court in California.

At this point, people have realized that we are the only one specialized in Divorce providing affordable professional Divorce services throughout California.

So make sure to give us a call. What’s nice about giving us a call first is that we can talk to you about your specific circumstances.

Explained to you how with your circumstances and what you have going on, what we can do for you in those specific circumstances.

We make sure you’re a good fit for our company. We make sure we can get you through your Divorce here in California.

And take care of the business for you.

Please give us a call. I’d love to help you out.

Again, free consultations right over the phone, the numbers on your screen.

Thanks for tuning in. And we’ll talk to you soon.