Paralegal Divorce Service Santa Monica, CA

Paralegal Divorce Service Santa Monica, CA

I want to talk to you about our Paralegal Divorce Service here in Santa Monica.

We’re a full service Divorce Document Preparation Firm that specializes only in Divorce and we do serve the Santa Monica California area.

And I want to let you know a little bit about what we can do for you. So we are a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm.

That means we will do all the paperwork for you. We fill out all the forms. We’ll go down the court for you. We’ll file them.

We’ll serve them. We’ll do all of the court procedure, all the processes, we have all the paperwork, we have all the software that attorneys have and that the courts have.

We have everything here to get your Divorce completed. The benefit obviously is that we’re much more cost effective and that we are not a law firm.

Now people sometimes ask, ‘Well, Tim this isn’t necessarily uncontested and we don’t have all the agreements.’ and that’s fine.

You don’t have to have all your agreements in place to file for Divorce.

If you have difficulty in coming up with your agreements of your Divorce, we can simply help you with setting you up with some Mediation Services.

Have someone sit down with you and talk to you about how can you come to an agreement on the terms of your Divorce.

And that way you can come back to us and we’ll wrap things up and you can avoid having to hire an attorney and spending that extra money.

So we definitely recommend our Paralegal Service in Santa Monica. We have become the go-to folks in Divorce in all of California not just in Santa Monica area.

So give us a call, free consultation and talk about the specifics of your case. Make sure it’s a case that we can handle for you.

And then we’ll take care of your business when you’re ready to get started.

Check out our Divorce Paralegal Service in Santa Monica. We have tons of information on our website.

And again just give us a call. It’s probably the easiest thing to do. Talk to you about the pricing. We do have affordable, flat fee pricing.

We can even help you with saving some monies in the court fees in some cases.

So give us a call I’d be happy to help you out.