Pasadena Divorce Court Process & Paralegal Divorce Service

Pasadena Divorce Court Process & Paralegal Divorce Service

Today, I just want to talk to you about our Divorce Service here in Pasadena as well as what the Divorce process is when filing for Divorce in Pasadena.

So when you file your Divorce in Pasadena and of course, if you hire us, this is what we’ll be doing for you.

Essentially, what you’ll do is you need to file some initial court documents to open the case commonly known as the summons and petition.

There are other documents if you have kids of course. You need to get that filed, get that served on your spouse and then move on to your financial disclosure state.

We’re talking about the incoming expense and schedule of assets and debts. Both parties can prepare those documents and then literally it’s a matter of putting together your agreements.

Now I went through that really quickly and I made it sound really easy which it can be. Keep in mind, the paperwork is confusing.

The documentation is hard to understand. And people really have a tough time trying to complete their own Divorce case.

So if you’re considering going through Divorce, an Amicable Divorce or at least you and your spouse are trying to work together to get through your Divorce, we are a good alternative to hiring an attorney.

We’re affordable Divorce solution. I just want to explain the Divorce process to you a bit here in Pasadena, so, you’ll have an understanding.

We do have a ton of videos out there on Divorce but if you are going through Divorce and you live in Pasadena area or you’re in the Pasadena court’s jurisdiction, we’ll be happy to help you file your Divorce case, take care of everything from start to finish.

We’ll fill out all the forms. We’ll deal with the court for you so you don’t have to.

All the financial disclosures, your judgment, agreements, everything an attorney can do for you and the courts access to paperwork we have access too, flat fees.

Go to our website We have our pricing right up on our front page there.

And feel free to give me a call, I’ll be happy to provide a free consultation, 661-281-0266. Again, my name is Tim Blankenship.