People Use Our Service Because Who We Are

This is a bit of an offshoot to the article prior to this where we talked about Stephen Colbert and his guests, but in watching the end of the interview with Joe Biden, I was a bit taken aback.

Forget about political views and all.  Because for me, I vote for the person, not the party. But my point is that I has written how I had drank the punch and was interested in Donald Trump and Ben Carson then…

Then, I watched this show with Joe Biden.  He is just so relatable…

People are attracted to people who they can relate too.  I can only imagine that the information I have put out on our blogs, videos and podcast relate to some people.

To others they don’t.

And that is fine…

What I wanted to say here, is that people relate to relatable people.  People want to connect in some way with the people they vote for and for the people they do business with.

That is why, at the urging of my wife, I have started just writing… Not about how to get divorced, but about me, my family, things I am interested in, etc.

Want to know the funny thing?

As of this article, I have written over 1,300 articles.  And I get all types of feedback from my articles about how to get divorced in California and other helpful information.

But I only started writing these more personal articles about a month ago.

And do you want to know what people ask me about on the phone or in person?

Yep, my personal “Tim’s personal Blog” articles where i just talk about my family, friends, things I have done, etc.

Shoot, the other day, I wrote an article about How I mow My Lawn and people called me and said, “Oh, I read the article about your lawn”, or ” I read the article about “ How the Santa Clarita Magazine allowed an attorney to take advantage of you

People relate.  And I found it fascinating to learn that people, while they likely read and article, watched a video, or listened to a podcast about divorce, the most comments I get when someone calls me is about my personal posts.


Talk to you tomorrow.