Pomona Affordable Divorce Service | Affordable Pomona CA Divorce

Pomona Affordable Divorce Service | Affordable Pomona CA Divorce

I want to talk to the folks in the Pomona, California area about our Affordable Divorce Service in Pomona.

We’re a licensed and bonded Legal Document Preparation Firm specializing in Divorce. That’s all we do.

So we can take care of your entire Divorce from start to finish which includes filling up the forms, going down the courts for you filing documents, serving the documents on your spouse, taking care of the financial disclosures and all the processes and the procedures that the courts require, we will take care of that as well.

And then we’ll put together your agreements.

We’ll put together your agreements regarding the distribution of your property as far as who’s going to get what, your kids if any as far as child support, child custody and visitation.

And we’ll also help you make determinations for alimony if that’s what you want to do.

So again, we can take care of the entire Divorce process from start to finish. And the best thing is, no office appointment is necessary.

And you can move on with your Iife. We’ll take care of all the paperwork. You go on with your life as far as work etc.

Let us deal with the courts. Let us draft the documents. Let us put your agreements together. And of course, provide an Affordable Divorce solution for you.

We’re not a law firm so we don’t give legal advice or represent people in court. But what we find is most people don’t need that service anyways.

And if you do you can always consult with an attorney. But if you’re looking for an Affordable Divorce solution in Pomona, California, please give us a call.

The number is 661-281-0266. Again, free consultation for anyone that calls.

I want to talk to you about your specific scenario, make sure it’s a case that we can handle.

Make sure we can see it through. Otherwise, we can offer you some suggestions if we’re not able to assist you.

But feel free to give me a call. The number is on your screen. You can also go to our website at Divorce661.com.