Pomona California Divorce Process | Divorce Process At Pomona CA Courthouse

Pomona California Divorce Process | Divorce Process At Pomona CA Courthouse

Today, we’re talking to the folks in Pomona, California about the Divorce process at the Pomona Courthouse.

So we’re a full service Divorce Paralegal Firm specializing Divorce throughout California.

And what we’re trying to do is help people through Divorce by providing an affordable divorce solution here in California.

Now today, I want to talk about the specific process of just on the surface of how Divorce flows at the Pomona, Courthouse.

So when you go to file for Divorce, there’s couple of forms you need to file. It’s the summons, the petition, there’s jurisdictional form you’ll need as well.

And if you have children there’s another form. So there are four forms in total.

You file your case. Once your case is filed, it needs to be served. The papers that you filed once they’re filed, you can serve them on your spouse.

It has to be anyone over the age of 18 other than yourself can serve these documents as long as they’re not a party to the case.

And for Divorce is probably just the two spouses. Once it’s served you have to prepare your financial disclosures.

We’re talking about incoming expense and schedule of assets and debts and then followed by that once the parties have disclosed their assets and debts and income, it’s just a matter of putting that together your agreements.

The agreements includes everything from you property to your children to money as far as alimony or child support, all that’s included in Divorce.

Now we are obviously providing this video because we offer a Divorce service in Pomona. And I just want to get that information out there.

If you’re looking for an affordable Paralegal Service to assist you with your Divorce in Pomona, please feel free to give us a call.

When you work with us you won’t have to worry about the process and all the paperwork or even going to court.

We’ll take care of filling out the forms, going down the court, filing them, serving them and we’ll take care of everything we just discussed for you and worked directly with the court.

Of course, we’re talking to the folks that are looking to go through an Amicable Divorce or they’re somewhat willing to work this out with their spouse and avoiding attorneys so they can save time, frustration and money getting through this.

We are a neutral third party. So we can assist both of you with your paperwork for one fee.

Please go to our website at Divorce661.com for more information. We have a ton of resources.

We have videos. We have a podcast. We have a live broadcast.

Again, a ton of information and we’re also willing to offer you a free phone consultation.

If you like to give us a call, I’d like to talk to you about your specific needs, what you have going on and make sure it’s a case that we can handle.

We’re handling anywhere from 30-40 Divorce cases every month here in California. Again, all across California, so, I’m certain that we can help you with your Divorce.

Feel free to give us a call. 661-281-0266 and we’ll talk to you soon.