Pomona QDRO Preparation Service | Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Pomona QDRO Preparation Service | Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Today, I want to talk about our QDRO Preparation Service. QDRO, that’s Q-D-R-O. It stands for Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

If you’re going through Divorce and you have a pension 401K, 403 (b) or any type of these defined benefit plans, many of these if not most or if not all require if you’re going to divide your pension meaning if you have a pension during the marriage and your spouse wants some of it or half or whatever they’re entitled to, the only way you can divide that pension plan is by this instrument called a QDRO Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

So I want to let the folks in the Pomona area and anywhere in California if you’re watching this that we do offer a QDRO Preparation Service.

Now attorneys charge anywhere from $1200-$2000 depending on where you go for this exact same service.

And we charge a much more affordable rate as we do with our Divorce cases. So if we’ve assisted you with your Divorce in Pomona, I just want to let you know we can also take care of your QDRO.

And if you’ve called us we would already had this discussion anyways and if we’re working with you.

But if you haven’t and if you use an attorney for your Pomona Divorce or you are trying to do your Pomona Divorce yourself and you have or you’re going to need a QDRO or you have a pension that needs to be divided, we can help you with that QDRO for your pension, 401K, etc. in the Pomona area.

If you’re watching this and you haven’t started your Divorce and you just heard about Qualified Domestic Relations Order and you’re looking for an affordable way to get through the Divorce process give us a call.

No office visit is necessary. We do handle clients all throughout California with their Divorce.

We deal with the courts direct for you so you don’t have to. If it’s amicable, you won’t even have to make a single appearance in court.

We’ll deal with them. We’ll take care of the paperwork. We’ll take care of the process of service, all the financial disclosures assets and debts, who’s going to get what, your final agreements, we’ll take care of all that for you.

Go to our website for more information at Divorce661.com or again, just give me a call. It’ll probably make things a lot simpler.

I’ll be happy to provide you a free phone consultation, 661-281-0266.