Providing A Divorce Community Service In Santa Clarita

When we started our Santa Clarita divorce service, we never thought it would be considered a community service.  But after one of our clients spoke of it that way, well, I guess it actually is.

We are not a non-profit business, so how could we consider ourselves providing a community service?  Especially when were are talking about divorce?

This was stated to us in the form of a review someone left for us.  They basically said that because we have produced and written so many articles and videos about California divorce, that we have made learning and understanding the divorce process easy to find and understand.

And it is true that we have done those things.  I think over 1000 articles, 200 videos and at least 100 podcasts as of this writing on October 22, 2013, and we will continue to do more every day.

But now that they got me thinking about it, that is not the only reason I think we provide a community service in Santa Clarita with our divorce service.

Another reason I think it is a community service is because of the amount of money we save people on their divorce in California.

Before we started this business, you had only 2 options.  Hire an attorney, and we know how much hiring an attorney for your divorce costs.  Or attempting to do your own California divorce.  Neither of these options is idea.  The first is very expensive and the latter is, well, you don’t want to be doing your own divorce.

Whether it is truly a community service or not, we do feel good about the divorce service we provide in Santa Clarita.  And it is not just Santa Clarita that we provide our divorce service in.  We only mention it because this is where our brick and mortar office is located.

But we can complete your divorce case anywhere in California, so make sure to give us a call.